Concrete Levelling

CONCRETE preparation – tile and carpet

Even if you opt to put down tiles or carpeting instead of polishing the concrete, the surface should be prepared before starting on the new flooring. Old glues and residues need to be removed, and any imperfections in the concrete should be fixed. If not, your new floor might need repairs later or result in a poor finished product. It is advisable to hire a professional concrete polisher and grinder to prepare the surface.

Concrete grinding is used for many building projects, including:

  • Surface Preparation
  • Concrete slab repair
  • Paint and Epoxy removal
  • Levelling and grinding of high spots

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CONCRETE finishing

It is possible for two concrete floors of similar age look very different. One can look rough and in need of work while another looks sleek and well kept. What sets them apart is regular polishing vs. unpolished.

Advantages of a Polished Concrete floor:

  • Environmentally conscious
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Economical

Concrete Polishing Services include:

  • Grind, buff, and sealant
  • Full mechanical polishing
  • Wash and seal for surfaces such as concrete driveways and concrete garage floors
  • Concrete resurfacing for outdoor concrete surfaces